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  1. I am an amateur at this, but i know there is something fishy going on in this world and the most blatant example of this is present heavily in the media and in more of a world view something sinister is taking place.

    I was reffered to this site by a flatmate of yours apparently.

    i know religion is a sensitive subject and i am not an official christian, but a youtube channel RCOG gives an insight on history and how aspects of it are being repeated, what is 666? would be the most important section of videos and the horses of revelation will tell you of events unfolding before your eyes. i am not saying this is 100% true and can have some flaws but the concepts of the events written in the past, that are happening today and some information supported in the robert welsh video will be a tad bit of evidence present relative to the horses of revelation.

    i voted that we need to inform our neighbours through dvd’s and post/email etc but the approach shouldnt be so blatant the excuse is “people do not have the time” anymore when in truth, we have a hedonic society in our hands that hates to be bored and wants things now.

    I am not sure of mind control I think at this time it is heavy management, tougher contracts and hardly any input from the musician, they get told what to sing what to wear or take a hike- as you would have seen in the katy perry interview where she sells her soul, only someone with a consciousness of her soul knows she had to sell it. her first official debut single which was i kissed a girl- this was never the way i planned, not my intention.. all in all aside from the purple hair a few years ago she was just a person, we must remember that. as for gaga! she stated in an interview i watched on 60 minutes she knows the meaning in everything she wears. she studied religion and apparently in her own time the sociology of fame.

    as you could see my main focus is in the media because of the heavy impact it has on our budding childrens minds. they see an arabian man in arabian attire they say “terrorist”

    i am predicting heavy government involvement in our daily lives in the guise of “democracy” there will be everything but democracy in our democratic government- this is for new zealand, i know alot of the links are very americentric.

    we will see even more strange weather patterns and legislation passed that seems purely for corporate interests.

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