The Department of Homeland Security plans to build a high-risk virus research center in the heart of America

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is set to begin construction on a new high-risk bio-weapons research facility on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan, though critics say the decision is fraught with risk because of the potential for damage from nearby earthquake fault lines.
In a statement on its Web site, DHS said it needs the new facility to replace an aging one located at Greenport, N.Y. That facility, known as the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, has been in operation since 1954 and is nearing the end of its useful life.
According to the department, $54 million has been approved for the construction of the proposed National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility. The new facility will feature research on biolevel 3 and 4 viruses – some without any known cures – and other potentially dangerous materials, though department officials have downplayed any potential threats.
The problem, critics say, is the location and the inherent seismic and weather-related disasters that could befall the facility, wreaking havoc on the surrounding population and beyond – issues the government seems to be downplaying.
Painting lipstick on a pig
“The United States works on the frontline of livestock animal health research to defend against foreign animal, emerging, and zoonotic diseases that could threaten the U.S. livestock industry, food supply, and public health,” says Homeland Security Under Secretary for Science and Technology Tara O’Toole, in a departmental risk assessment posted online. “To address congressional requirements, this detailed, updated risk assessment reaffirms that we can build a safe and secure facility to meet this important mission.”
The department contends that, according to its risk analysis, “calculated risks have been significantly reduced by incorporating mitigation measures into the risk assessment and updating the analysis to allow for a cumulative risk calculation.”
In other words, DHS says it is prepared to adopt a facility design that includes “significant changes beyond the industry standard to reduce risk.” Reducing risk isn’t, of course, the same as eliminating it.
‘Groundbreaking’ facility?
All of this babble is, of course, designed to make us feel better about having a plant that conducts research on incurable viruses located smack dab in the middle of a volatile region of the country. What the department isn’t saying is that the part of Kansas being considered for this new facility is prone to a number of natural disasters and occurrences, each of which could cause considerable damage.
“Manhattan, Kansas, faces a number of worrisome hazards that should influence the architecture and construction of the BSL-4 laboratory. These hazards include flooding, dam failure, earthquakes, and tornadoes,” says an assessment by the Suburban Emergency Management Project (SEMP), located in Chicago.
The last time the region suffered major flood damage was in 1951, but, SEMP notes, the area is still in a flood plain and, given the record floods last summer in neighboring Missouri, the potential for disaster is there.
Also, SEMP notes that while “Kansas is not widely known as seismically active,” it “boasts the Humboldt fault zone, which underlies Turtle Creek dam and Manhattan,” a region the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has deemed a “localized seismic hot spot.”
“An estimated maximum earthquake magnitude of 6.6 could occur in the area of the Tuttle Creek dam, causing liquefaction of the foundation sand beneath the dam, large deformations of the dam, and dam failure,” said SEMP’s assessment of the proposed new biodefense facility. “The consequences of a breach of the Tuttle Creek dam include rushing water at 381,000 cubic feet/second (six times the rate in 1993) moving toward a population at risk of 13,000 people.”
In addition, the area is known for its tornadoes. According to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, the region in and around the proposed site features an average of five to seven tornadoes a year.
“Riley County, Kansas, home to Manhattan, is well known for tornado touchdowns. For example, on June 11, 2008, Manhattan sustained extensive damages but no injuries when an F4 nighttime tornado ripped through it,” said the SEMP assessment.
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Most superbugs are started on animal farms (your food supply)

The growing emergence and prevalence of antibiotic-resistant superbugs capable of killing humans was not always the gravely serious problem it is today, as some of these deadly strains actually originated as benign pathogens in humans. But the widespread practice of feeding antibiotics to livestock living on factory farms is at least one of the primary triggers that has caused these once-harmless bacterial strains to become vicious killers.
A recent study published in the American Society for Microbiology journal mBio explains how the infamous methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) superbug strain CC398, for instance, appears to have actually originated as a type of harmless probiotic in the body known as methicillin-susceptible S. aureus (MSSA). According to Lance Price and his colleagues, MSSA morphed into deadly MRSA as a result of migration into livestock being fed excessive amounts of antibiotics.
“Modern food animal production is characterized by densely concentrated animals and routine antibiotic use, which may facilitate the emergence of novel antibiotic-resistant zoonotic pathogens,” write the authors in their paper. “Our findings strongly support the idea that livestock-associated MRSA CC398 originated as MSSA in humans” (
Factory farmers commonly feed antibiotics like tetracycline and methicillin to their livestock, poultry, and even fish, in order to make them grow faster. These drugs also help mitigate the filth-induced disease that is part and parcel of the factory food system, which confines animals in unsanitary living conditions and summons them to unnatural diets that cause them to develop frequent infections (
Various environmental and public health groups have repeatedly tried to convince the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to properly regulate the use of antibiotics in animal feed, but the agency has continually refused. Even after a lawsuit was filed against it last summer, the FDA quietly reversed a previous promise to begin regulating antibiotics, and conveniently published an announcement about this right during the Christmas season when few were paying attention (
In January, however, the FDA did finally decide to protect some antibiotics from becoming useless by prohibiting their use in livestock, but these particular drugs represent a measly 0.2% of those typically used on factory farms anyway, according to New Scientists. So as it stands, superbug-producing factory farms are free to continue churning out deadly pathogens while the FDA pretends that everything is just fine.
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Just one soda per day can cause heart attacks in men

You have no doubt heard that sugary, high-fructose soda is a major contributing factor to the nation’s ever-growing waistline, but new research indicates that even in moderation, drinking just one soda a day is a major health risk, especially for men.
According to a new study published in the medical journal Circulation, a daily soda increases your heart risk, even if it’s not leading to much weight gain.
The ingestion of such high concentrations of sugar “appears to be an independent risk factor for heart disease,” says the study’s lead author Frank Hu, M.D., a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), in Boston.
“Continually subjecting our bodies to high amounts of glucose, to high blood sugar levels that trigger large secretions of insulin results in stresses that in the long run show up as high risk of heart disease and diabetes,” the study’s co-author, Dr. Walter Willett, told CBS News.
The study tracked 42,833 men over 22 years, following their diet, weight, smoking and exercise patterns. In the end, researchers discovered that men who drank a single 12-ounce soda per day increased their risk of heart attack by 20 percent.
So much sugar, so little time
The researchers said a typical 12-ounce soda contains a whopping 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is a very large amount over a relatively short period of time. But they also said the study didn’t necessarily confirm that sugar itself was to blame.
“It’s very likely people who choose to drink sugared soft drinks actually have a variety of health habits that are not heart healthy, and it may well be those health habits that are responsible for the increase in risk,” Willett said.
Still, the data was enough to confirm what scientists, dieticians, nutritionists and researchers have known for years.
“We already know that sugary beverages are associated with increased obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other metabolic issues,” Hu said. “This adds further evidence that sugary beverages are detrimental to our health.”
Harmful effects of so much sugar
Sugar in excess is a major contributor to obesity. Researchers noticed that many people were reducing fat intake but either increased their intake of sugar or did not appreciably decrease it, leaving them scratching their heads as to why they were not dropping any weight.
But it is the primary culprit in other disease processes as well.
“Sugary beverages also are believed to promote inflammation, an immune-system response involved in both heart disease and insulin resistance, a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes,” CNN reported, citing the Hu-Willett study, adding that sugary drinks increase belly fat, which can also increase a man’s heart attack risk.
During the study, blood samples were taken from about 40 percent of men. The findings: “Men who consumed sugary beverages at least once a day had higher triglyceride levels, lower HDL levels, and higher levels of a marker of inflammation known as C-reactive protein (CRP),” said CNN. “They also had higher levels of leptin, a hormone that helps regulate metabolism.”
The consumption of so much sugar – from soda and a wealth of other sources – as well as other high-fat, high-calorie processed foods, has led to record-high obesity rates, both among adults and children. The Centers for Disease Control estimated in 2010 that 34 percent of U.S. adults were obese, more than double the percentage 30 years ago. Meanwhile, the share of children who are obese – 17 percent – has tripled.
Some experts have hailed the fact that, only recently, the nation’s beltline seems to have stopped growing. But others say that until it begins shrinking, we shouldn’t be patting ourselves on the back.
“Until we see rates improving, not just staying the same, we can’t have any confidence that our lifestyle has improved,” Dr. David Ludwig, director of the Optimal Weight for Life Program at Children’s Hospital Boston, told The New York Times.
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Teen girl rushed to hospital for eating nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years

If you ate only McDonald’s chicken McNuggets every day for practically every meal, what do you think your health condition would be like in 15 years? One British girl, 17-year-old Stacey Irvine, recently found out the hard way that such a diet severely destroyed her health when she was rushed to the hospital after collapsing and having severe difficulty breathing.
Yahoo! News reports that the young factory worker had been eating practically nothing else besides McDonald’s chicken McNuggets since she was about two years old. Shockingly, Stacey has also never once eaten a single fruit or vegetable, according to the same report, which has left her grossly deficient in practically every single vitamin and mineral in existence.
This horrific diet finally caught up with Stacey, however, when she fell over at work and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Doctors discovered severely-swelled veins on the young girl’s tongue, and quickly diagnosed her with anemia. They subsequently put her on an “emergency vitamin regimen,” according to reports, and warned her that if she does not change her dietary habits, she will soon die.
But Stacey’s addiction to fast food nuggets is so severe that she still apparently refuses to eat anything else besides them, except for the occasional piece of toast or potato chips. And Stacey’s mom, Evonne, has apparently tried everything to get her daughter to eat other foods, including starving the girl at one point, but to no avail.
“She’s been told in no uncertain terms that she’ll die if she carries on like this,” Evonne is quoted as saying by CBS News. “But she says she can’t eat anything else. I’m at my wit’s end. I’m praying she can be helped before it’s too late.”
McDonald’s chicken McNuggets, of course, are made from a so-called food product called “mechanically separated chicken,” which is created from chickens that have been “stripped down to the bone, and then ‘ground up’ into a chicken mash, then combined with a variety of stabilizers and preservatives, pressed into familiar shapes, breaded and deep fried, freeze dried, and then shipped to a McDonald’s near you.”
You can see a horrifying picture of mechanically separated chicken at the following link:
McDonald’s chicken McNuggets also contain dimethylpolysiloxane, an antifoaming agent composed of the same silicone chemicals used in cosmetic products ( A federal judge put it well back in 2003 when he called McNuggets a “McFrankenstein creation of various elements not utilized by the home cook.”

Marketing of fast foods (and all other marketing also)

We are bombarded with advertising all day, and if thats not bad enough we often get the catchy tunes stuck in our heads and most probably even dream adverts.
Most advertising bases itself on your own unhappyness and always promises to bring you happyness, make you more atractive, make people notice you etc etc etc. It basicly makes you feel incomplete and worthless untill you buy the item being pushed upon you.
Not only this but they also even employ psychologists to better manipulate the masses into buying their products.

In short there is nothing you can’t do for yourself, you don’t need a “profesional” to do it for you, they use big words to sound like they know more but anyone can learn these words, you are not inadequate you can do anything you just have to believe in yourself!!

New Zealand (NZ) continues to be saturated by research documenting the presence of overweight and obesity in adults and children, and by research looking at the serious impacts of these conditions on individual and population health.

(Non)regulation of marketing of unhealthy food to children in New Zealand

Fast Food Advertising – What’s Wrong WIth it?

Fast Food and QSR Advertising Are missing ONE key element…

Fast Food Advertising Leverage - Your TrafficSince the beginning, all fast food locations and QSR establishments are missing the single most powerful lever available to them: They fail to marketing optimally to the tens of thousands of people who pass the front door. Now, I didn’t say they don’t try, and I didn’t say they don’t marketing to them. I just said ‘not optimally’.
Stop and think about it: What is the biggest cost of ANY fast food location: traffic. Wait a sec, you say! No, there are so many other costs… Listen and think: When you list all of the investments you make on a monthly basis, they ALL come down to you having all of those ‘things’ (food, tables, utensils, condiments, ovens, shake machines, etc..) IN FRONT OF TRAFFIC!!
What is the ONE THING that makes any QSR location great? It’s traffic. It’s the tens of thousands of people passing the front door every 24 hours. So my question is ‘What is the best way to capitalize on THAT TRAFFIC’? In fact, I’m saying that this is the most important question you’ll ever ask. Watch the QSR Marketing video below. (You’re about to see the most effective of all fast food marketing ideas in history…)
In a discussion paper, Waikato District Health Board’s Population Health service has accused exhausting marketing gimmicks of fast foods for triggering type 2 diabetes and obesity in a large number of people.In the discussion paper entitled “Obesity, diabetes and fast food – the impact of marketing to children”, the authorities concerned looked over the issues like sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise, which has triggered obesogenic environments.

The author of the paper, Nick Chester, said that the aim of the paper to make the authorities think as to how they can turn obesogenic environment into healthy environment. It has been found that the marketing firms are targeting children by exposing them to luxurious ads of soft drinks and fast food.

Previously, the advertisement firms were criticized for using internet for attracting kids. Daily intake of fast foods and energy drinks leads to higher chances or risk of developing type 2 diabetes and obesity. A survey conducted in 2006-2007 found that about 70% of the kids in the age group of 2 to 14 years consume fast food at least for once in a weak.

However, 7% of the children consume fast food frequently in a week. The figures clearly show that in the New Zealand, consumption of fast food is quite frequent. It has been informed that there are a large number of fast food chains located at places like Waikato.

Although the number of fast food chains is high in number, the promotional ads further contribute in attracting children to fast food. It is not feasible to ask fast food chain to close down the production of fast foods. But a control over the advertisement gimmicks chosen by the manufacturer can play vital role in reducing obesity cases.



Download the fast food facts pdf

All the “facts” McDonald’s “DOES NOT” want YOU to know

What’s the connection between McDonald’s and starvation in the ‘Third World’?

There is no point in feelin guilty about eating while watching starving African children on TV. If you do send money to Band Aid, or shop at Oxfam, etc., that’s morally good but politically useless. It shifts the blame from governments and doesnothing to challenge the power of multinational corporations.


McDonald’s is one of several giant corporations with investments in vast tracts of land in poor countries, sold to them by the dollar-hungry rulers (often military) and privileged elites, evicting the small farmers that live there growing food fortheir own people.

The power of the US dollar means that in order to buy technology and manufactured goods, poor countries are trapped into producing more and more food for export to the States. Out of 40 of the world’s poorest countries, 36 export food to the USA – thewealthiest.


Some ‘Third World’ countries, where most children are undernourished, are actually exporting their staple crops as animal feed – i.e. to fatten cattle for turning into burgers in the ‘First World’. Millions of acres of the best farmland in poor contries are being used for our benefit – for tea, coffee, tobacco, etc. – while people there are starving. McDonald’s is directly involved in this economic imperialism, which keeps most black people poor and hungry while many whites grow fat.

GROSS MISUSE OF RESOURCES GRAIN is fed to cattle in South American countries to produce the meat in McDonald’s hamburgers. Cattle consume 10 times the amount of grain and soy that humans do: one calorie of beef demands ten calories of grain. Of the 145 million tons of grain and so fed to livestock, only 21 million tons of meat and by-products are used. The waste is 124 million tons per year at a value of 20 billion US dollars. It has been calculated that this sum would feed, clothe and house the world’s entire population fo one year.


FIFTY ACRES EVERY MINUTE EVERY year an area of rainforest the size of Britain is cut down or defoliated, and burnt. Globally, one billion people depend on water flowing from these forests, which soak up rain and release it gradually. The disaster in Ethiopia and Sudan is at leastpartly due to uncontrolled deforestation. In Amazonia – where there are now about 100,000 beef ranches – torrential rains sweep down through the treeless valleys, eroding the land and washing away the soil. The bare earth, baked by the tropical sun, becoms useless for agriculture. It has been estimated that this destruction causes at least one species of animal, plant or insect to become extinct every few hours.

Why is it wrong for McDonald’s to destroy rainforests?

    AROUND the Equator there is a lush green belt of incredibly beautiful tropical forest, untouched by human development for one hundred million years, supporting about half of all Earth’s life-forms, including some 30,000 plant species, and producing a ajor part of the planet’s crucial supply of oxygen.


  • McDonald’s and Burger King are two of the many US corporations using lethal poisons to destroy vast areas of Central American rainforest to create grazing pastures for cattle to be sent back to the States as burgers and pet food, and to provide fat-food packaging materials. (Don’t be fooled by McDonald’s saying they use recycled paper: only a tiny per cent of it is. The truth is it takes 800 square miles of forest just to keep them supplied with paper for one year. Tons of this end up litteing the cities of ‘developed’ countries.)


  • Not only are McDonald’s and many other corporations contributing to a major ecological catastrophe, they are forcing the tribal peoples in the rainforests off their ancestral territories where they have lived peacefully, without damaging their envronment, for thousands of years. This is a typical example of the arrogance and viciousness of multinational companies in their endless search for more and more profit.It’s no exaggeration to say that when you bite into a Big Mac, you’re helping the McDonald’s empire to wreck this planet.

What’s so unhealthy about McDonald’s food?

      McDONALD’s try to show in their “Nutrition Guide” (which is full of impressive-looking but really quite irrelevant facts & figures) that mass-produced hamburgers, chips, colas, milkshakes, etc., are a useful and nutritious part of any diet.

What they don’t make clear is that a diet high in fat, sugar, animal products and salt (sodium), and low in fibre, vitamins and minerals – which describes an average McDonald’s meal – is linked with cancers of the breast and bowel, and heart disease. Thisis accepted medical fact, not a cranky theory. Every year in Britain, heart disease alone causes about 180,000 deaths.


  • Even if they like eating them, most people recognise that processed burgers and synthetic chips, served up in paper and plastic containers, is junk-food. McDonald’s prefer the name “fast-food”. This is not just because it is manufactured and serve up as quickly as possible – it has to be eaten quickly too. It’s sign of the junk-quality of Big Macs that people actually hold competitions to see who can eat one in the shortest time.


  • Chewing is essential for good health, as it promotes the flow of digestive juices which break down the food and send nutrients into the blood. McDonald’s food is so lacking in bulk it is hardly possible to chew it. Even their own figures show thata “quarter-pounder” is 48% water. This sort of fake food encourages over-eating, and the high sugar and sodium content can make people develop a kind of addiction – a ‘craving’. That means more profit for McDonald’s, but constipation, clogged arteries andheart attacks for many customers.
GETTING THE CHEMISTRY RIGHT McDONALD’s stripey staff uniforms, flashy lighting, bright plastic decor, “Happy Hats” and muzak, are all part of the gimmicky dressing-up of low-quality food which has been designed down to the last detail to look and feel and taste exactly the sae in any outlet anywhere in the world. To achieve this artificial conformity, McDonald’s require that their “fresh lettuce leaf”, for example, is treated with twelve different chemicals just to keep it the right colour at the right crispness for th right length of time. It might as well be a bit of plastic.

How do McDonald’s deliberately exploit children?

    NEARLY all McDonald’s advertising is aimed at children. Although the Ronald McDonald ‘personality’ is not as popular as their market researchers expected (probably because it is totally unoriginal), thousands of young children now think of burgers andchips every time they see a clown with orange hair.


  • No parent needs to be told how difficult it is to distract a child from insisting on a certain type of food or treat. Advertisements portraying McDonald’s as a happy, circus-like place where burgers and chips are provided for everybody at any hourof the day (and late at night), traps children into thinking they aren’t ‘normal’ if they don’t go there too. Appetite, necessity and – above all – money, never enter the “innocent” world of Ronald McDonald.Few children are slow to spot the gaudy red and yellow standardised frontages in shopping centres and high streets throughout the country. McDonald’s know exactly what kind of pressure this puts on people looking after children. It’s hard not to give in t this ‘convenient’ way of keeping children ‘happy’, even if you haven’t got much money and you try to avoid junk-food.


  • As if to compensate for the inadequacy of their products, McDonald’s promote the consumption of meals as a ‘fun event’. This turns the act of eating into a performance, with the ‘glamour’ of being in a McDonald’s (‘Just like it is in the ads!’) reucing the food itself to the status of a prop. Not a lot of children are interested in nutrition, and even if they were, all the gimmicks and routines with paper hats and straws and balloons hide the fact that the food they’re seduced into eating is at best mediocre, at worst poisonous – and their parnts know it’s not even cheap.
RONALD’S DIRTY SECRET ONCE told the grim story about how hamburgers are made, children are far less ready to join in Ronald McDonald’s perverse antics. With the right prompting, a child’s imagination can easily turn a clown into a bogeyman (a lot of children are very suspiciou of clowns anyway). Children love a secret, and Ronald’s is especially disgusting.

In what way are McDonald’s responsible for torture and murder?

      THE menu at McDonald’s is based on meat. They sell millions of burgers every day in 35 countries throughout the world. This means the constant slaughter, day by day, of animals born and bred solely to be turned into McDonald’s products.

Some of them – especially chickens and pigs – spend their lives in the entirely artificial conditions of huge factory farms, with no access to air or sunshine and no freedom of movement. Their deaths are bloody and barbaric.


  • In the slaughterhouse, animals often struggle to escape. Cattle become frantic as they watch the animal before them in the killing-line being prodded, beaten, electrocuted, and knifed.A recent British government report criticised inefficient stunning methods which frequently result in animals having their throats cut while still fully conscious. McDonald’s are responsible for the deaths of countless animals by this supposedly humane mehod. We have the choice to eat meat or not. The 450 million animals killed for food in Britain every year have no choice at all. It is often said that after visiting an abattoir, people become nauseous at the thought of eating flesh. How many of us would be prpared to work in a slaughterhouse and kill the animals we eat?


WHAT’S YOUR POISON? MEAT is responsible for 70% of all food-poisoning incidents, with chicken and minced meat (as used in burgers) being the worst offenders. When animals are slaughtered, meat can be contaminated with gut contents, faeces and urine, leading to bacterial infetion. In an attempt to counteract infection in their animals, farmers routinely inject them with doses of antibiotics. These, in addition to growth-promoting hormone drugs and pesticide residues in their feed, build up in the animals’ tissues and can furter damage the health of people on a meat-based diet.

What’s it like working for McDonald’s?

    THERE must be a serious problem: even though 80% of McDonald’s workers are part-time, the annual staff turnover is 60% (in the USA it’s 300 %). It’s not unusual for their restaurant-workers to quit after just four or five weeks. The reasons are not had to find.


  • Workers in catering do badly in terms of pay and conditions. They are at work in the evenings and at weekends, doing long shifts in hot, smelly, noisy environments. Wages are low and chances of promotion minimal.To improve this through Trade Union negotiation is very difficult: there is no union specifically for these workers, and the ones they could join show little interest in the problems of part-timers (mostly women). A recent survey of workers in burger-resturants found that 80% said they needed union help over pay and conditions. Another difficulty is that the ‘kitchen trade’ has a high proportion of workers from ethnic minority groups who, with little chance of getting work elsewhere, are wary of being saced – as many have been – for attempting union organisation.

    McDonald’s have a policy of preventing unionisation by getting rid of pro-union workers. So far this has succeeded everywhere in the world except Sweden, and in Dublin after a long struggle.


  • It’s obvious that all large chain-stores and junk-food giants depend for their fat profits on the labour of young people. McDonald’s is no exception: three-quarters of its workers are under 21. The production-line system deskills the work itself: nybody can grill a hamburger, and cleaning toilets or smiling at customers needs no training. So there is no need to employ chefs or qualified staff – just anybody prepared to work for low wages.As there is no legally-enforced minimum wage in Britain, McDonald’s can pay what they like, helping to depress wage levels in the catering trade still further. They say they are providing jobs for school-leavers and take them on regardless of sex or race.The truth is McDonald’s are only interested in recruiting cheap labour – which always means that disadvantaged groups, women and black people especially, are even more exploited by industry than they are already.
EVERYTHING MUST GOWHAT’s wrong with McDonald’s is also wrong with all the junk-food chains like Wimpy, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy, etc. All of them hide their ruthless exploitation of resources, animals and people behind a facade of colourful gimmicks and ‘family fun. The food itself is much the same everywhere – only the packaging is different. The rise of these firms means less choice, not more. They are one of the worst examples of industries motivated only by profit, and geared to continual expansion.

This materialist mentality is affecting all areas of our lives, with giant conglomerates dominating the marketplace, allowing little or no room for people to create genuine choices. But alternatives do exist, and many are gathering support every day from eople rejecting big business in favour of small-scale self-organisation and co-operation.

The point is not to change McDonald’s into some sort of vegetarian organisation, but to change the whole system itself. Anything less would still be a rip-off.


    STOP using McDonald’s, Wimpy, etc., and tell your friends exactly why. These companies’ huge profits – and therefore power to exploit – come from people just walking in off the street. It does make a difference what individuals do. Why wait for everyoe else to wake up?



    Research has shown that a large proportion of people who use fast-food places do so because they are there – not because they particularly like the food or feel hungry. This fact alone suggests that hamburgers are part of a giant con that peole would avoid if they knew what to do. Unfortunately we tend to undervalue our personal responsibility and influence. This is wrong. All change in society starts from individuals taking the time to think about the way they live and acting on their belief. Movements are ‘just ordinary people’ linking together, one by one…

      YOU might not always hear about them, but there are many groups campaigning on the issues raised here – movements to support the struggles in the ‘Third World’, to fight for the rights of indigenous peoples, to protect rainforests, to oppose the killig of animals etc.

Wherever there is oppression there is resistance: people areorganising themselves, taking courage from the activities of ordinary, concerned people from all round the world, learning new ways and finding new energy to create a better life. The apathy of others is no reason to hang around waiting for someone to tell you what to ‘do’. You need no special talents to join in your local pressure group, or start one up – existing groups will give information and advice if necessary.

For leaflets on all aspects of vegetarianism and nutrition, animal rights and welfare, etc., contact ANIMAL AID, 7 Castle Street, Tonbridge, Kent. Plenty of other contacts can be made by writing to Greenpeace at the address below.

        KICKING the burger habit is easy. And it’s the best way to start giving up meat altogether. Vegetarianism is no longer just a middle-class fad: last year the number of vegetarians in Britain increased b


      Most supermarkets now stock vgetarian produce, and vegans – who eat no animal products at all – are also being catered for. In short, the ‘cranky’ vegetarian label is being chucked out, along with all the other old myths about ‘rabbit food’.
  • Why not try some vegan or vegetarian recipes, just as an experiment to start with? When asked in a survey, most vegetarians who used to eat meat said they had far more varied meals after they dropped meat from their diet. Another survey showed that peopl on a meatless diet were healthier than meat-eaters, less prone to ‘catch’ coughs and colds, and with greatly reduced risk of suffering from hernia, piles, obesity and heart disease.
    • THERE are loads of cheap, tasty and nutritious alternatives to a diet based on the decomposing flesh of dead animals: fresh fruit of all kinds, a huge variety of local & exotic vegetables, cereals, pulses, beans, rice, nuts, wholegrain foods, soya driks etc. All over the country wholefood co-operatives are springing up. Now is a really good time for change.
  • A vegan Britain would be self-sufficient on only 25% of the agricultural land presently available. Why not get together with your friends and grow your own vegetables? There are over 700,000 allotments in Britain – and countless gardens.
  • The pleasure of preparing healthy food and sharing good meals has a political importance too: it is a vital part of the process of ordinary people taking control of their lives to create a better society, instead of leaving their futures in the cynical, reedy hands of corporations like McDonald’s.
  • THE LONDON GREENPEACE GROUP has existed for many years as an independent group of activists with no involvement in any particular political party. The people – not ‘members’ – who come to the weekly open meetings share a concern for the oppression in our ives and the destruction of our environment. Many opposition movements are growing in strength – ecological, anti-war, animal liberation, and anarchist-libertarian movements – and continually learning from each other. We encourage people to think and act ndependently, without leaders, to try to understand the causes of oppression and to aim for its abolition through social revolution. This begins in our own lives, now.

Operation “bring down McDonalds”

Be part of Operation “bring down McDonalds”.

Help retire Ronald McDonald (so he won’t keep hooking kids on factory foods)

Corporate Accountability International has launched a campaign urging McDonald’s to “retire” its famous mascot, the clown Ronald McDonald.
“It’s time to send Ronald McDonald to join Joe Camel in the retirement home of marketing icons, where he hopefully will never be heard from again,” writes Michele Simon, author of Appetite for Profit, in the forward to the group’s “Retire Ronald” report.
Ronald McDonald was introduced as a marketing mascot in 1963, in one of the first attempts in history to market directly to children. McDonald’s has pursued this strategy aggressively ever since, and today spends roughly 40 percent of its massive publicity budget on ads aimed at kids — not even counting money spent to persuade parents that McDonald’s food is not unhealthy for children.
McDonald’s also uses Ronald McDonald in many of its educational and charitable campaigns, including nutrition education programs in schools. According to former CEO Fred Turner, the company adopted this strategy “for very selfish reasons. It was probably 99 percent commercial. It was an inexpensive and imaginative way of getting your name before the public and building a reputation to offset the image of selling 15-cent hamburgers.”
But given that unhealthy food like that sold by McDonald’s has been strongly linked to rising rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and slew of other health problems, even many of those who look fondly on McDonald’s and its clown mascot see Ronald McDonald as the food equivalent of the tobacco industry’s Joe Camel. According to a 2010 poll by Corporate Accountability International, 47 percent of U.S. residents support a call to retire Ronald McDonald. This number holds steady even among those with favorable opinions about the clown and the corporation.
The group is calling on McDonald’s to end all use of Ronald McDonald and other cartoons, celebrities or characters that appeal to children; remove all toys and other incentives from happy meals; and remove all advertising from areas frequented by children.

Operation “bring down McDonalds”

I recently Inquired with McDonalds if they use GMO foods, corn syrip, aspartame and msg and had all posts deleted and blocked from the page, I deceided to send them a complaint about this to which they attempted their regular appeazing methods and avoided answering questions but rather told me facts about how they use the finest ingredients etc etc etc and I served them with a 10 day legal notice before I took action against them and this is how it went down

All messages are directly cut and paste versions of the orriginal emails

Hi – given you haven’t supplied your name on Facebook or in your complaint I can’t respond to you personally. I note in your complaint that you are upset that your comments were deleted from our Facebook page. I also note that you have stated we have “10 days to fix this situation before I make you legally liable..”. Can you confirm what you actually want us to fix, and what we are legally liable for? Before we have this information there is not a great deal we can actually do.

Regarding Facebook and our Facebook page in particular, please note the following:

– Facebook has confirmed we are within our rights to manage our page as we see fit

– We allow people to post comments on our page, positive or negative, and they are only ever manually or automatically deleted if they breach our terms of use

– As stated – your initial posts were deleted as they contained links

– We then gave you the opportunity to contact us directly, which you have now done

– However, on Facebook you had stated that you did not want to talk to us, but continued to post on our page

– At this stage you had breached our term: “Use the page to promote personal causes, charities or business activities”. We reserve the right to delete posts and in this case are comfortable we gave you ample opportunity to contact us directly

Regarding the general nature of your statements, we respect your right to feel this way towards McDonald’s. McDonald’s is enjoyed by the majority of New Zealanders, who appreciate the quality of our food, the service, and value. We are also aware that we have detractors, and we listen to their comments, and act as constructively as we can.


Simon Kenny |National Communications Manager
McDonald’s Restaurants (NZ) Ltd
email: | ph: 09 539 4380 | mob: 027 482 7692 I Twitter: @MaccasNZ

User name Annon Amis

I questioned your food really being food, why it doesn’t decompose like food does, questioned your lettuce and tomatoes for GMO ingredients and also said its concerning that you advertise yourselves as a family restaurant when your food causes cancer, heart disease, kidney failure and you promote all kinds of corruption and it really makes me sick

You ask what kind of legal action I am going to take, let me just say this when you look at your track record and the wrong doings and un-necessary suffering, pain and death, slave wages for your employees and some rich fat cat sadist sitting back watching the worlds cancer spread delightfully I am offering the same towards this corporation and many others, I am vigilant and I have time and knowledge, no matter how much legal fee’s you pay or which lawyers you hire you will be hard pressed to contest what I have

Hi – clearly you have you opinions on McDonald’s and as with any member of the public we respect that.

Regarding some of your statements below, I can confirm that over 95% of the ingredients we use in our menu are sourced from local NZ suppliers. It’s largely the same type of thing you would buy from your supermarket or local market. We have incredibly high standards for our food, including its quality and freshness. We also operate ethically and in a sustainable manner. Regarding your comments of food decomposing, there are some very simple scientific reasons relating to fat, moisture and dryness (see link below).

We are one of New Zealand’s largest employers of youth, and our training programme is recognised for its ability to help people learn and progress, moving off minimum wage quickly. Last year we signed a new agreement with the UNITE union. 80% of McDonald’s restaurants are franchised in New Zealand, and the owner/operators make a huge economic and social contribution to their local communities.

From your comments I assume you will continue to hold your views towards McDonald’s in New Zealand, but we will continue to provide the majority of New Zealanders with the products, experience and service they appreciate.



Hi Simon,

Granted you do use local produce and I do respect that, and don’t worry I am doing the same with all other companies that support this kind of thing (supermarkets and other food outlets) who support this toxic food.

You see here’s the thing even though it may be local and you can buy the same thing at a local food store does not mean it is not GE or riddled with other toxins through processing and keeping bugs away etc.
All the big name brands grow GMO food stuffs mostly Monsanto from their local branch under the guise Seminis seeds, all of this probably means little to you because you do not fully understand the implications of what eating this kind of thing actually does to you.

GMO corn in recent studies has found that it causes sterility after long exposure

Aspartame and Monosodiumglutimate are from a family of chemicals called excitotoxins YES TOXINS they excite your brain and fry your neurons.

Did you also know that there are thousands of ingredients that can be added to food without going on the label, lots of which are toxic, addictive and also make you feel more hungry

And sure you have your propaganda website explaining why fat preserves and dryness prevents mould blah blah blah I guarantee you this, if I get a homemade burger made from real food even if I dry it to the same as yours etc IT WILL STILL ROT if it doesn’t rot its not living food its dead and stagnant it holds no nutrition even bacteria will not feed off this, I know of a dog whom ate a 2 year old burger of yours and was fine, I have tried to see if anyone is daring enough to try eating it but I won’t even eat a fresh one.

Also what about all the deforestation that has happened under the name of McDonald’s, what about all the pollution, all the unnecessary packaging, I could go on all day

Also granted you do donate ever so small percentages of the corporate money to places, you itch my back I’ll itch yours mentality I am not blind and I see right thought your BS.

As a friend of mine said Ronald McDonald house is like cigarette companies sponsoring lung cancer

Of course I have a grudge against the McDonalds and everything it is and everything it stands for

I can’t believe they hired psychologists to study the brain to choose as to how to best draw people in and using the lame little kids play ground and a creepy clown to attract the children its like crack cocaine to them and it is a disease and it is taking over can you not see this.

Do you eat McDonalds regularly ?? I am getting personal here and I hope I don’t offend
Have you had a blood pressure test done recently ?
how are you sleeping at night ?
do you have trouble with mental health depression etc ??
(sorry to be so personal) are you bathroom deposits regular ?

Have you checked you white blood cell’s ??
how are your protein levels like? And general nutrient levels of your system ?

I suggest you get these things checked out if not for yourself then your family.
Maybe even get them checked then try eating wholefoods, living foods, fresh organic foods

REAL FOODS even for a month and get re-checked I am fascinated to see what a difference it makes to you, it really made a huge change to my life when I stopped eating all that stuff

There is loads and loads of data and study verified and double checked and peer reviewed out there proving both that McDonalds food is not food and is toxic and that whole foods, fresh, local, organic, GMO free foods do not and in fact reverse disease, cure disease and increase your energy, livelihood and you will live far longer and be much happier and healthier I am talking to you as a living human being, the unique snowflake and free spirit you are but unfortunately you are the person that has had to deal with facing some horrific facts about the world we really live in, the world that has been pulled over our eyes makes it hard to see and almost diss-believable but look for yourself

Seeing as how I had not recieved a reply since yesterday and its already afternoon I figured it was time to let our friend Simon know he can’t sleep on the job because I am not going away =p

Message as follows

Are you not speaking with me anymore Simon ??
I thought our conversasions where about to get very interesting indeed and it sadens me that you are not willing to contine to talk with me any longer, may I ask why you have not replyed ?? is it your day off today ???

I do appreciate your replies I just can’t see why you wouldn’t man up on the facebook page and have a conversation just block this shows your total control of information and silencing truth from your sheeple that are blinded by the multi million dollar advertizing, manipulation and propaganda I suppose I could congradulate you there at McDonald’s for being some of the best mind control artists out there but when you use it for profit causing loss of life of our families from easily preventable diseases no credit will ever be given in fact the total opposite.

I would like to remind you that on Friday week (not tomorrow but next Friday) is the end of your ten days notice I have already served you with and you have still not done anything to fix this situation you should let this conversation be taking place on your page where it was started, why can we not have transperancy here ?? why do you not want people knowing the truth ?? why are you not even willing to look at the truth yourself ???? this is truly concerning, I realize it is your job and you would get in trouble for saying anything as has happened to many employees of your corrupt institutionalized slave houses and mind altering food that sterilizes and destroys

You had better wake up and realize that there are people guiding your life and you dont even know it

Have a lovely afternoon Simon

Peace, love and light

Hi – I’m struggling with someone talking to me about transparency when they won’t disclose their name. You still haven’t stated what you actually want us to do by a week Friday?

Regarding the McDonald’s Facebook page, it is just that. You are free to set up your own Facebook page, blog, website and set out your views on the world, McDonald’s and anything else for that matter. As stated in my first email, we reserve the right to run our own Facebook page as we see fit. You will see that we do not delete/block content if it is negative towards McDonald’s, but on the very rare occasion, we can elect to do this.



Hi again Simon,

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly =]

I may not use my real name but I allow anyone to have their views heard and talked about publicly out in the open I don’t remove things by people who question anything, its questioning that makes us grow and develop into our full potential.

my name is also kept out of things because I am taking on a viewpoint and large enemies like yourself (not you personally but the corporation) and I know what happens to people who get too vocal

and yes we can all start a facebook page but the difference is if someone challenges me on something I will talk to them there in the open about things human to human I would never delete or block someone for sharing some truth in this diseased world

What I want by a week Friday is to no longer be blocked from your page and not have this happen again merely for questioning your products is that not what a person allowed to do ? show concern for my fellow man here on this earth by questioning their staple diet foods and the toxic things that are promoted to us daily ? is that not what any good company want ? so they can better themselves and their relationships with customers and non customers alike ??

I know you try and appease the masses with your speals about buying only the finest GMO food stuffs fresh and local and that you fund events like coca cola and all the other disease riddled toxic food/drink companies etc but that is just a front an image thing looking good for those photo opportunity moments and good PR work but never fixing the fact that its killing us and the world around us

I should be able to see the ingredients of the buns you use, the chemicals added to the burgers, what fillers you use, how many forms of MSG you add in and what other neuro toxins are added in the processing of the food even the 3,000+ that the FDA approved that didn’t have to be listed which are the most toxic, addictive and destructive

Either you prove to me in “FULL“ your ingredients lists (down to the finest detail, everything used in processing and don’t worry it’s not like I am stealing your recipe I could cook a way better burger than you blindfolded in a kitchen I’d never been in before) and also totally disclosure of the processes used in making your food, prove that no animal has been tortured to make your food, Prove that the chickens you use are not constantly medicated with aluminium and antibiotics (causing cancer and the overuse of antibiotics is well known) prove your cattle have not been raised in inhumane conditions and what they have been fed on how much of it is GMO? Prove your coffee is fair trade and not just bought from a company that uses that phrase in their slogan, show how you make your Mcnuggets I am sure you would love to see that one ( ) prove that you have not used manipulation methods to get people into your shops, you have not caused vast deforestation, you recycle I could keep on going because you have committed so many acts of such monstrous proportions it is hard to list everything on demand like this and I know I have missed plenty out but I am sure you can work out the extra wrong doings and have a go at some whitewashing stint and a propaganda spin to make McDonalds seem like lovely caring people but I am no fool. If you can prove that to me 100% beyond doubt then in writing, photo, video and personal tour expenses paid etc then I will leave this alone and maybe even have the odd salad burger now and again (but I highly doubt it) otherwise I am sorry but this information will be heard even if I have to stand across the road from your stores (public property) with a bull horn and blast this message out (exercising my right to free speech, bill of rights act) I will do what it takes for this to be heard and I will not break any laws I know what I can and can’t do I am no fool so it is up to you and your corporate buddies higher up than yourself to make the call on how you want things to go ? do you want to prove to me that McDonald’s has never done anything wrong and never caused any harm before the ten days is up, or do you want a civil debate publicly on your facebook or you want me and my bull horn harassing every McDonald’s store up and down the island ???

It’s up to you and your corporate buddies now Simon

Have a most pleasant and lovely afternoon my brother =]

Hi – I think you are confusing some things you have read regarding McDonald’s in the past or in other countries, with what happens in New Zealand. I am talking with you on behalf of McDonald’s in New Zealand. For example, the link to the ‘pink slime’ is not something ever used in New Zealand. Your comments regarding burgers and fillers also does not relate to New Zealand. In fact, just last week I was at our burger patty plant in Waitara with a TV crew filming for “What’s really in our food”. Clearly you won’t believe it when I tell you that a McDonald’s burger patty is made from 100% NZ quality beef, but perhaps when the show is aired you will see I might not be lying to you.

Regarding Facebook, we reserve the right to block users if they break our terms, and in this case we believe you are promoting a personal cause. As you note, you are within your rights to protest publicly, and from time to time people do choose to protest McDonald’s in New Zealand.



I appreciate that the pink slime is not used here but it is the same franchise is it not?

And you say you use 100% Beef is this the off cuts and scraps you often find in dog food??

Do those cows live a happy and healthy life? Or are they cramped into small fields and regularly intimidated by a dog, what are these cows fed on ?

so there is no other ingredient in the burger other than off cuts of beef ? nothing else no binding agents or any other things added ??

Where do your buns come from? What else is in them besides flour, water, yeast and salt (as these are the only things so called fresh bread needs)

Am I really supposed to believe that?

And what about the propaganda and manipulation used in advertising all those psychologists hired to find what works best to manipulate people to come to their store, even though here in New Zealand allot of this has not happened here but has been heavily implemented here you are a franchise of one of the top most evil corporations on this earth, what about all the little children who fall in love with everything about your franchise and nags and screams and throws tantrums at their parents to go to your stores you rely on this “nag factor” heavily and its sick, your over sized signs and the bright colours that fixate your subliminal sense of self it really is twisted Simon.

What happens when these children get older and go out on their own and eat this stuff daily (I know a few who have and they look like walking death, they are always half asleep and can’t focus well) they get sick and nutrient deficient, they gain weight and become obese, you serve drinks which contain some extremely toxic ingredients particularly the sugar free drinks you CAN NOT deny that aspartame is an excitotoxin and destroys brain neurons that is fact

this stuff also causes cancer, birth defects as well as behavioural problems in children add ADHD etc

How about corn syrup how many of your items contain this ingredient ??

This stuff causes cancer and birth defects and sterility as well as behavioural problems in children add ADHD etc

The thing is also that you eat this stuff you think it’s okay you believe it’s a nice place because that’s how conditioned and brainwashed you are you don’t associate your deteriorating health nor do doctors really ask about diet they merely put you on heart pills and blood pressure pills until your body gives up and you are in an early grave but instead apparently “we’re lovin it” and it is killing us there is a documentary if you have not heard of it it’s called “super size me” and it follows a guy who eats McDonald’s and is followed by health professionals who state VERY CLEARLY that if he had of kept this up he would of DIED yes death from your food if you can’t see this then there are bigger problems than I first thought, I knew it would be hard to get through to you but I didn’t think you would be this blind to the reality of this world and you’re right in the heart of the beast (in a non religious sense)

I appreciate your time and I apologise that I am not coming across as being very easy to deal with the fact of the matter is your killing people indirectly and I am not going to take it

I hope you have a most pleasant evening and a lovely night

Seeing as how I have been ignored again this morning I decided again to let him know I am not going to forget and leave it like he is hoping I will

Message sent seconds ago read

Hi Simon,
Don’t go thinking that as each day passes I will forget and let things slide back under the matt
Just because you do not reply to my mail in the morning does not mean it is going away nor am I going to leave you alone

I know you will of dealt with many hard complaints in the past and appeazed the sheeple with your propaganda but have you ever been to war ?
I see right through your smokescreens and propaganda messages and this is not going to end untill McDonalds is dead or you have come clean on your toxic food and wrong doings all over the globe, I don’t care that NZ McDonalds has not sed pink slime it is the same damn company wake the hell up Simon

  • It seems that he was emailing me at the same time =pHi – as per my earlier email, you are referring to a number of things that have no relevance to McDonald’s in New Zealand. You can see a full breakdown of ingredients on our website. Allergy NZ endorses McDonald’s as one of the best places for people with allergies to eat out, because of the detail of ingredients we make public. We advocate a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle – you refer to Supersize Me – many health professionals would argue that eating large quantities of any food is not healthy. Again I would note that the McDonald’s menu in New Zealand over the last decade has adapted with our customers, and now includes a wide variety of products, including Weight Watchers approved meals.You clearly have strong beliefs with regards to McDonald’s – and as I have said, we respect your right to believe whatever you want. We won’t be unblocking your access to our Facebook page as you have breached our terms, and we won’t be able to give you full access, all expenses paid, to our suppliers and restaurants.Regards,Simon

    Good – timing, I have just sent you an email. As you can see I have given you considerable time and listened to your concerns. We won’t be able to agree on things. I wish you well for the future.


    Thanks for your reply Simon,
    You said all the ingredients are on the website I can not see any ingredients anywhere I can see a page which says where you buy your products from but no ingredients your full of s**t

    Allergies have nothing to do with toxic material wake up Simon
    McDonalds is not a good choice of food
    You said Dr’s don’t recomened eating the same thing every day how come when I ate only two meals (home made organic pumpkin soup and an organic lentil curry) for three years when I was having financial troubles, I had a medical check up and was healthier than I had ever been in my life yet a month of eating McDonalds takes you close to an early grave your so full of it Simon and you have said you are not going to let me back on your group I will remind you that you now only have a week left to change your mind before I destroy you. I will be outside your stores day after day up and down the island every day loud speaker in hand and projected images of your cruelty and suffering caused from your absolutley disgusting, discrasfull and horrific corporation

    Take heed of my words Simon I am not jaoking with you here

    And like I said before I see right through your bulls*** propaganda spin doctored biasedly sponsored research
    Of course weight watches love you, you make their customers…….
    Weight watches is a scam in itself anyways can you really not see this you are blind and stupid Simon I am sorry I had to say that and be so hurtfull but that is the fact of the matter,

    I am guessing you are also the type that voted for john key, had all his vacinations, eats toxic food daily and only has a few braincells left and all you can do is spin the propaganda you have been brainwashed by and believe it as fact if you can not see this and you can not wake up you really are doomed and well on your way to an early grave

    Peace, Love & Light my friend

57 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

Annon Amis I found a list to all ingredients to find that they do add msg, fillers and improvers “salts” who knows what kind of toxins they hide under this name, and all those numbers time to start looking them up in my food code book.

Here is the page for the ingredients

I replyed to Simon the now exposed lier who had told me several times that they don’t have these things in their food

I found your ingredients lists and yes you do use corn syrip, MSG and bread conditioner’s you lied to me Simon several times ……..

All these “salts” added are forms of msg and other toxins you are a lier and I have saved all your messages and your lies to doccument and read out over the loud speaker out front of your stores

News pieces on corn syrip and links to diabetes, heart disease and even warning in particular about teenagers and children eating this IT CAUSES EARLY DEATH this is what I have been saying to you all allong Simon and you continued to lie to me this is poor Simon, I had already given you legal notice and you still lied to me
Get ready for war–new-research-concludes,c9205360

But most importantly the effects on teenagers READ IT!!!

You are a lier Simon and you have been snapped well and truly and all of this is backed up and saved so everyone can see McDonalds lie directly to complaints and remember you only have 7 days left till action

I am not ending this mail on a kind note because you lied to me directly and many times you are a disgrase of a human and you are support the death and destruction of our children, our families, our friends, animals, trees and the entire planet, you are scum Simon I talked to you person to person up untill now after you lied and lied and lied your scum and you got it coming your way GET READY ! ! ! !

Hi (it really is unfortunate that you don’t want to give me your name) – I have treated you with respect, listened to your comments, and at no point have a I lied to you. You have now made some disparaging personal comments and comments that could be perceived as direct threats to me. I don’t respond to threats, and will not be engaging with you anymore.



I never threatened you Simon, You did lie several times you said these things are not in your food several times and you also said that lots of these things do not apply here, I looked and there it is plain and clear and the evidence that corn syrip is killing people is very recognized as is the fact that msg and aspartame destroy your brain and cause cancer you can not dispute this nor can you dispute the fact that it is in your food so we can deduct from this that you are supporting the killing of thousands thats why this is getting more personal now My statements of challenge are directed at McDonald’s, not to you as a person and by war I do not mean a bloody battle but more a war of witts and words and a matter of legalities and murderous corporations killing hundreds worldwide, but yes I am very disapointed with you at the same time Simon. Why do you want to know my name so much ? I am happy for you to call me anon that makes no difference to either of us the only reason you would want or need these details is if you are wanting to report this conversation, I don’t care if you report this conversation I have not at any point in this said anything wrong I gave you notice, I said I wanted you to talk with me publicly which you refused so I offered to express my right to free speech around your stores this is the only type of war against McDonald’s I have refered to. A far lesser threat than selling deadly food to people and their families killing children that are brainwashed to think this food is safe and healthy and promoted by weight watchers If it really matters to you that much my name is dave, nice to meet you person to person Simon.

Hypothetically speaking Simon how would you feel if you were to find out that someone was slowly killing almost everyone you know ? your friends, your family, your children and your loved ones ??? would you not do something about it ?? I a…m sorry that you are feeling threatened by me you really don’t need to feel like this I have no plan of doing anything wrong, harmfull or illegal I am only going to make sure that everyone knows you at McDonalds are killing them all and I will stop at nothing till this has been heard by everyone Kind regards dave

Even though you are ignoring me my notice of action still stands and your refusal to communicate only worsens things Peace, Love & Light dave

Still no reply so I mailed them from a different account incase they had blocked my other email address Dear Simon, Incase you have blocked my other email address I am sending you one from this account so you can get this massage … I did not mean to make you feel threatened and I am sorry that I made you feel this way My comments of war are not in any way reference to guns and arms and loads of bloodshed nor am I going to do anything silly, hurtfull, irrational or illegal, The things I said about being ready etc are directed at the McDonalds corporation and not you and if you are still in the mindset that you are no longer going to talk with me I want to let you know that my 10 days notice still stands and the more refusal to talk with me gives me more power and shows your hiding behind fauls info and propaganda and are hiding from facts and you did lie to me several times, you said that these things were not added to the food here several times and yet there they are so I suggest you think through very carefully where we go from here (in a compleatly non threatening sense)