Truth is never as it seems to the logical mind

Due to the bilateral and quadlaterial interface between reality and percieved reality we find ourselves in a perplexed state of quantum reailty which far exceeds all percieved beliefs and bondries,

There is no limit to what can be done once you realize that reality can never be percieved by our limited five senses

(sensation to persieved sensation throgh the brain interface in the cerebral cortex)

you never really see anything and you never really hear anything, wavelengths of photons hit your eyes and air pressure moves the hairs in your ear bt there is no sch thing as sound or color they are mearly our brains interpretation of

wavelength and vibration, matter is nothing but energy, electrons protons rotating around the neculi, so what is real ???

the only thing that is real is the energy field of everything.

I have no idea why I started writing this or even what my point is or should be

I guess it is important to note that when you eat processed and chemicalized foods you are not eating the fresh and alive energy fields

that nature intended for s and so it is this toxic and dead intake that is causing sch prevelance of cancer, diabetes and all the other

debilitating diseases, mounted with vaccinations that are not even needed and polute our boddies with mercry, formaldehyde and contents

from aborted babies, it is a trly sick practise indeed and people need to make an informed decision abot these kinds of things, and by

informed decision I do not mean informed by the vaccine producers and so called medical profesionals who’s prime position is to push and

prescribe drugs to symptoms not to cure the underlying cause of the condition

We have got into a bad place now, people are sicker than ever, people are more depresed than ever and people no longer have any time to do

anything because we are all too busy with earning a living to buy shit we don’t need that is made to not last so we need a replacement,

then we send our so called recycling over to third world nations which is illegal but instead we don’t call it waste we called recycled

goods, old tv’s etc end up being shiped to Africa where there are container loads filled with toxins polluting the third world, which brings

me onto a whole new topic now, do you think these foundations that claim to be helping the the third world are really

doing anything productive ? the answer is no they most certainly are not, if they fixed the problem they would be out of a job and yes it all

comes down to money.

I think this is enough information for now I think I will update and add relevant pieces to this over the next few months and see where we

end up, feel free to add anything to this as a colaberative project is always better, more angles, more inpt etc

It is time to see through the lives that we have been maniplated into believing our entire lives

Its time to realize that history is not as it was taught in schools

Its time to realize that religion is not as it is taught in churches

Its time to realize we are free

Its time to realize we are all one

Its time to realize that together we can achieve anything

Its time to break these shackles of oppression once and for all and live as we were ment to as a natral part of the living system


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