The press code of arms and other mainstream media

I think before delving straight into the meaning and symbolisim it would be best to explain the REAL purpose of the news which has nothing to do with informing the public as it should be used but more used as a weapon of the mind. I know that sounds a little fucked up and you say to yourself surely they wouldn’t be able to get away with it the reason being that they are owned by the law makers.


There are 6 news networks which are all run by a few company’s which are run by the same people that control government and law and every other institution on the planet. and if not directly by them then by one of their puppets.

It is basicly a tool to shape public opinion in which ever direction they want it to be. they make us believe we have a choice of which paper to read or what news show to watch and who to vote for but they are all just different sides of the same coin.


Okay so now that we have some background on the purpose of news now its time to start getting heavy but ill try and ease you into it =p

The banner of the press

“Nihil utile quod non honestum”

translation “nothing is useful that is not honourable”

medieval French


“honorable – deserving of esteem and respect; “all respectable companies give guarantees”


“1. possessing or characterized by high principles honourable intentions

2. worthy of or entitled to honour or esteem

3. consistent with or bestowing honour”

“of high rank, dignity, or distinction; noble, illustrious, or distinguished”


And most revealing of all


“Legal Dictionary

Main Entry: hon·or·able

Function: adjective

:  entitled to honor —used as a title for various government officials”


So honorable in the eyes of the rulers and not so much as in the truth.


Okay so now we have thy symbolisim



The lion is the symbol of the tribe of judha one of the 12 tribes of Isriel (where all of humanity came from before splitting into the 12 tribes and inhabiting the earth) which is now used for the symbol of the royal family and england as it was their descendents that came from ancient Egypt through to Rome then England/Europe and since then they have defeated the other tribes and taken almost all of the world and now using the big guns and bombs from the USA (the might of their empire and England being the financial empire and the vatican as their spiritual (satanic) empire)


The 5 petel rose sybolises the ancient “Illuminati” who are still rulling the world from behind the scenes


The thistle symbolises pain and suffering as they love killing hundreds in foreign contry’s and publishing it front page just like the live sacrifices they do out of the publics eye and then they just keep us blind to the truth and keep us fearfull and then we make good workers/consumers and in our spare time we fill our minds with tv bullshit and brainwashing where the shows we watch program us to think of the world in a particular way and you wonder why they are called television programs =p


and lastly we have the unicorn in shackles


All through history the unicorn has been a symbol of magic, peace, creativity and love and the shackles show how we have had it taken away from us =p


Peace and love




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