Random thoughts

Seize the moment forget the past and stop worrying about the future for all we ever really have is what we have here with us right now. for too long brothers have been fighting brothers and sisters killing sisters all for what reason ??? the ego! and not the ego we are familiar with here in the western world but a much deeper source of ego called thought. we think we are a story that is made from memories from the past and pre imposed ideologies past on to us from our parents and those around us telling us that this is right and this is wrong, this person is good and that one bad, just let them be. we are all a reflection of life itself, we are all molecules which are almost entirely air with a small energy field and these things communicate with each other faster than the speed of light and combined make up our physical self or manifested self so we are all the same, we are the essence of all that is and all that ever will be and we are here now. we are not trapped in painful memories and wanting to always be somewhere else, wanting the perfect partner and perfect job and lots of money etc but that’s not what we are. our minds and our thought have been washed over for too long now and it is time for people to awaken from their sleep and step out of the matrix and realize that this is not what life is. sale ends this weekend, buy 4 get the 5th free, you need this to look pretty, this is this years fashion, these are really in right now…. does that give you a sense of self? is that really who you are?? or are you part of the consciousness of the earth the universe and every inch of space and everything that is. every cell on earth and in space reacts to vibration, some old language uses these old sacred vowel’s that excite the particles into forming a sacred geometrical pattern (if zoomed in or spread out further) can replecate almost every natural pattern like the shell or a flower etc. you can feel this energy inside you always and it is important to feel it inside you often as it is your life essence, the vibration of us is reflected in our mother earth (gia) have you noticed that the more hate in the world and the more tension and more war etc has been slowly brewing as our entire earth has been heating up as we reach boiling point we will be pushed into our new evolution. it is said by many people that in the most desperate of times you are more likely to awaken. you may of heard of stories in medical circles where in a serious disaster everyone responds without thought and do amazing things they never thought they were capable of, thought is the devil and our presence is god. we are god and we are the devil and we have a choice, the choice is disregard all of this and let end times happen like the book of revelations or accept truth in what is and let go of the mind and the ego once and for all you will be free of all name and form and you will simply “be”


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