It is all to easy to get depressed in this day and age

Hard to find your place in the world

The thing to remember is that its your life your not on a stage

It’s a false belief we have been given by society as our consciousness was curled


More important than wealth and possession is happiness and compassion

So much more than obsession compulsion and fashion

We are all victims of a mind castration

We find ourselves elsewhere than our natural adaptation


The mind has been nullified by tv, politics and news

Our minds have been battered and bruised

We have found ourselves so lost and confused

I for one will not take it I will not be used

And abused


“Who controls the past controls the present

And who controls the present controls the future”

(Asian dub foundation’s memory war)


we are ingesting so many dodgy chemicals

more than the number of decimals

chemicals of which “calcify” our pineal gland

also known as the third eye or minds eye the truth I demand


why do we not get taught these things

because the state control the schools and education systems

the same people that control our food

now all this puts me in a bad mood


gmo foods and msg

all this shit filling me

Pesticides and insecticides

Made by these same guys

the guys that made the agent orange for the war

now make garden roundup infecting us, settling the score


same ingredients

the powers to be pushing us into total obedience

peacefull protesters made to look like civil disobedience

all these things are all tyranny ingredients


pushed into line

as if we have all committed a crime




freedom, liberation

independence and freedom



I don’t want my vaccination

There is more to life than just another corporation


There is but one true God and that’s the life force of the sun

There is but one true devil and that’s the false belief that humans have control over reality

Since the dawn of man we have always worshiped the sun

What is with that kind of mentality



Lithium in our drinks to stabilize our mood since 1950

Msg’s and gmo’s

Numbness from my head to my toes

Fundimentaly breaking the human spirit

Numbing us to the state of cattle

Whatever happened to the public spirit

Where we love and help each other without this constant battle


Never believe what your told always question things for yourself

Do research and question reality

Don’t just think ill put these feeling aside on the shelf


Or you are just rolling over and giving up your freedom


Don’t just take my word for it look for yourself

Read history and these things all point to one thing

The roman empire is the new Babylon of today through the face of the catholic church and the might of the American army and wealth of european bankers namely Rothschilds







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