Where do our tax dollars go


This is a subject that the govt scum dogs never answer clearly and has always been a matter of concern

As far as I know our tax dollars are still funding cluster bombs and still paying for a corrupt war in Afganistan

You also often hear people complaining about those on benefits and the like but the figures show that unemplyment and sickness benefits is only a very small percentage of tax spending

I will add more to this blog over the next few days when I get more time to dig deeper into this

but for now have a look at the graph, click on each section to get a deeper look at the spending but remember this does not give all details just over all figures so we never really know what they are up to, and where is all this money we borrow each week going then if this is the tax chart looks like we are doing fine


” the War on Terror would proportionately receive almost twice as much tax as the Ministry of Defence.5

And what’s that? Interest on National Debt?

Is New Zealand even in debt?

Surprisingly, I would pay more tax in Illinois than in New Zealand (over $2,000 more). And Americans don’t even have the same benefits as Kiwis, like public health care or financial support for accidental injuries. Plus, I don’t need to file a tax return in New Zealand (which is a service I would pay for, and apparently do). Why does the IRD receive so much money?”


You may recall the group who went up to the waihhopai spy domes and punctured them in protest but what did the mainstream media tell us about this other than they were a religious group??

Well besides the fact that there was not very much mention of the extensive spy network they are running out of New Zealand across most of the Pacific (soon to become “the pacific union” like the european one) Echelon and the fact that they went to court and laid a claim of right and walked right out of there as free men =]

Now there is going to be another event here which shall be interesting to see how this goes down

“People from all around New Zealand will be converging on Blenheim and the super-secret Waihopai satellite interception spybase, in Marlborough, on Saturday January 21st. Waihopai deals New Zealand into America’s wars in countries such as Afghanistan and is an integral part of a global network of such facilities which exist to ensure American military and economic domination of international politics.”

“Waihopai, of course, is a“NZ” base – or so the Government says. But the fact is that, in everything but name, it is an outpost of American intelligence – paid for by NZ taxpayers. Well over $600 million of public money has been spent on the NZ Government Communications Security Bureau (the agency which runs Waihopai) in the two decades of Waihopai’s operation. The GCSB’s 2012 budget is $56 million, and another $35 million was recently spent on a new GCSB headquarters in Wellington. That money could have been much better spent on eradicating NZ’s shameful child poverty, rather than on spying on behalf of Uncle Sam.”



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