McDonald’s dumps McMuffin egg supplier after investigation reveals ‘significant’ and ‘serious’ health violations

Captured video footage shows factory workers aggressively grabbing chickens by their necks and slamming them in and out of cages, for instance, which is a serious abuse violation. It also shows seemingly endless rows of chicken “battery cages,” where chickens are packed densely in stacked rows of inhumane cages. Chickens that live in such conditions often wallow in their own feces, and some get caught in cage wiring which results in their death.

Corporate retailer Target, which had also sold Sparboe Farms eggs at its Super Target stores, recently pulled all the company’s eggs from store shelves following the release of the damaging footage. Like McDonald’s, Target expressed surprise at the findings, and took the position that it was unaware of the “unacceptable conditions in the company’s egg laying facilities.”
Neither McDonald’s nor Target has indicated who they will choose as their new egg suppliers. But because of the nature of their business models, both companies will likely just choose other factory egg suppliers that utilize many of the same inhumane and filthy chicken raising methods — in other words, consumers can expect more of the same

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