Former CEO of McDonald’s dies of colon cancer at age of 44

Forty-four years of age is too young to die of anything, much less colon cancer. With this story being all over the news, there will no doubt be lots of articles pointing out the irony of it all, given the current awareness of the health risks associated with certain products served at fast food restaurants across America. But personally, I think we should let the guy rest in peace and focus our efforts on helping those who are still living.And, by the way, one of the big causes of colon cancer (other than the consumption of red meat, which is probably the #1 cause of colon cancer) is the use of sodium nitrite in the U.S. food supply. I don’t know whether McDonald’s uses sodium nitrite in its own products, but I do know that practically every packaged meat product sold in grocery stores contains sodiumnitrite.

I also know that the human body is designed to live well past 100. To die at any age under 50 requires a sustained poisoning effort: like consuming soft drinks, fried foods, red meat, refined white flour, added sugars, hydrogenated oils and so on.

I wonder what ingredients are in a Big Mac these days? (I wouldn’t know: haven’t eaten at McDonald’s since the 1990’s when I weighed 220 pounds, was borderline diabetic, mentally depressed and suffered from chronic back pain. At that time, I ate McDonald’s almost every day.)


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